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My ideal office:
It must have an incredible view—overlooking the sea, or somewhere in the mountains, with a hammock for napping in. Even better, located on a sailboat!

Where I’m from:
I grew up in the states but my parents are from China. Some people have said that I look Singaporean, but I’ll take it! It’s my first time in Singapore actually, thought I’ve been here for two months.

I love food.
I just had Malaysian food for the first time the other day and it was just so good, with all the spices and flavours. People always make fun of me but free food is always the best! I have a reputation at the office for eating the most.

My favourite comfort food:
My mom’s home-cooked food, especially her dumplings!

In my free time:
I’ve been fixing up my new room and getting it ready. I also love picnics in the park, checking out exhibitions, going to parties and generally anything to do with the outdoors. My roommates really love to cook so I’m really looking forward to hosting dinner parties with them soon.

The best party I’ve attended:
When I was in college, my junior year hosted a school-organized masquerade rave party. It was amazing because we got to decorate crazy themed rooms, with a huge main dance hall. Everyone was encouraged to come in costume and I had this really colourful conceptual-art-inspired costume (all the more easy to dance in!)

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