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I’m from the Philippines, but I’ve been in Singapore since 2010.
I like the order here, how everything is very organised. There’s a mix of people coming in from different places, and it’s not too far away from home. And of course, the food! I love the food here. I miss the mountains and beaches back home. And in the Philippines, they laugh a lot and take things very easily, so I miss that attitude.

What’s good to eat in the Philippines?
Lechon, but Cebu’s lechon.

Favourite food here:
I love yong tau foo, tom yum noodles, and kimchi soup. I really like spicy food and you don’t really get that in the Philippines. They eat a lot of sweets there; even the meat is very sweet.

Something people don’t really know about me:
I have four other siblings, I think that’s interesting for Singaporeans! I’m the middle child and I speak Hokkien, a little bit of Mandarin, and Spanish.

Most memorable trip:
I’ve had so many good trips but I would say the United States (US). I went to places like Los Angeles (LA), Las Vegas, Chicago, and New York. I really like LA; and they have very chill vibes. It was my first time in the US and I was just amazed, being there and visiting places that are familiar but that I’d never been to like Central Park, Manhattan, and Times Square.

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