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Is there anything you personally changed your mind on due to the nature of your work?
More the general nature of work, rather than my occupation specifically—I’d say that my previous impression that every working adult knows what they’re doing, and where they’re going, has been challenged. People are really just figuring things out along the way. From fresh grads to experienced managers, imposter syndrome likely persists, so it’s important to recognise that self-doubt and constant learning will be a factor across your career.

What’s something you wish you knew about your occupation before you joined this industry?
I wish I knew what being a junior banking and finance lawyer really involved. I’ve since left that field (thankfully), but it was nothing like Suits or Wolf of Wall Street. Some people get excited over syndicated loans while others get nightmares.

Are there any interesting stories behind any of your tattoos?
Most of my tattoos are impulsive decisions without too much thought, but I have one of a blindfolded “Lady Justice” that’s loosely based on my wife’s profile. People have said it looks like a Birdbox tattoo.

Do you have an uncommon hobby or passion that you could tell us more about?
I’m a big fan of cryptozoology, and used to spend hours reading up on the Loch Ness monster, the Yeti, Thunderbirds etc. Pretty cool to hope that there are some aspects of this world left unexplored, with new discoveries to be made.

Tell us a day you’d like to relive.
Driving down an oceanside road in the Gold Coast, stopping for scenic vistas, hikes, and day-drinking by the beach.

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