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I just moved to Singapore from London four months ago.
Right now, I’m just enjoying everything Singapore has to offer. I moved because of a combination of factors—earning capacity, quality of life, and I was just seeking a change, after having lived in the UK all my life.

What are you currently listening to?
Nasir, the latest album by American rapper Nas. The album is about police brutality so it’s quite political, but I’m a fan because he speaks truth. He’s different from other rappers whose music is about clubbing and lavish lifestyles.

If you could live in any movie, which would it be?
Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, just because it’s Michael Jackson. He’s the only person who can sport an armband on a suit and still look cool, and the dance moves are obviously iconic. It was at a time when he was at the peak of his career.

If you had a theme song that played every time you walked into a room, what would it be?
That’s hard, but if I had to pick, it’d be Odyssey’s Native New Yorker, specifically the 12’’ Disco Mix.

How would you describe your style?
Original, without sounding clichéd. At university I was the guy who would push the boundaries—painted nails, hairbands, long straight hair, I’ve tried everything. But I’m working in a corporate environment now, so I can’t get away with that.

Do you have any comfort foods?
I’m Nigerian by heritage, so something I’ve been missing is jollof rice, which is a tomato-based rice dish that’s spicy. It’s usually served with chicken, and it’s delicious. I’ve been trying but I can’t find it here, but to be honest, I’m pretty content because Singapore has all the best of Asia. It’s actually been a problem for me because I put on a stone and a half (9.5 kilograms) in my first month here, and it’s made me start going to the gym and moderating my eating. (laughs)

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