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Maison Kitsuné

What would you like to do in the future?
I’m in my final year in Media Communications in Singapore Polytechnic, and you might think I’d go into something along the lines of graphics but I’m looking into being an analyst or a media buyer. I guess it’s an acquired taste! (laughs)

Something interesting about me:
I’m from Singapore but I didn’t study here. I grew up overseas, in Dubai, and I’ve only been back for close to three years now. 

Tell us a little more about Dubai.
The people are nice and it’s not as expensive as everyone thinks. It’s almost like Singapore, but the weather is better as it’s less humid. I lived there so it was quite different as compared to being a tourist, but I really did prefer it before the tourism kicked in. It was much more authentic—for one, going into the desert was a lot cheaper and less crowded. We’d camp in the desert and it was a wild space; I remember we were once woken up by camels. It was kind of dangerous—there was still a fire going and there were people sleeping outside of the tents, so we’re lucky nothing happened.

Something people don’t really know about me:
I can’t change my own earrings. I’m scared! I keep them on throughout the day and rarely change them.

Favourite comfort food:
Ayam masak lemak (chicken with turmeric coconut curry).

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