On An Adventure

You’re from Taiwan; have you been in Singapore for a while now?
I’ve been here for about more than a year for work. I was working in public relations previously, but I joined Singapore Airlines as an air stewardess because I wanted to take up more challenges to experience life a little more.

What’re some interesting places you’ve visited so far?
I’ve been to Amsterdam, Germany, and Paris, but my most memorable trip was to Christchurch. My friend and I spent up to 10 hours on the road to catch the view of the mountains. I’m also excited to check out the deserts in Dubai during my next work rotation.

Describe your style.
I think it’s quite casual. I have to wear a uniform when I work, so I prefer to dress comfortably whenever I can.

If you could time travel to the past or future, which moment would you visit and why?
I’d want to travel into the future to see what kind of person I’ll be in 10 years.

Favourite comfort foods:
All kind of fruits!

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