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If you could live in a book, movie, or TV series, what would it be?
I’d say something like Tender Is The Night—I love F. Scott Fitzgerald’s books, even though his characters don’t always have the happiest lives. If not, I’d pick the original 1980s TV series Miami Vice. It had a great cast, great clothes, and living in the tropics, which is something I obviously enjoy.

Having lived in Singapore for 14 years, what do you miss most about Australia?
Being able to do more things outdoors. In Australia, it’s easy to get a kilogram of prawns at the fish market and a cold bottle of white wine, and just sit in the park and hang out.

You’re from Sydney—are there any places you’d recommend that people visit?
I like to go to the Drummoyne Sailing Club. It’s a simple and down-to-earth place—they have great fresh oysters and fish & chips, and a great view of the harbour, with cold beer and good wine.

What’s somewhere you’ve never been to, but would like to visit?
Antarctica. I want to be on an icebreaker ship and see it before it disappears, what with climate change and all.

What’s your favourite local food?
Laksa. There’s a great stall near here, at Hong Lim Food Centre. I like chicken rice too, and I’m a junkie for dim sum.

If you could be a material, what would it be and why?
Seersucker. It’s quite classic and conservative in a way, but it’s also quite dandyish and flashy at the same time.

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