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Tell us more about yourself.
I’m studying graphic design in Temasek Polytechnic. I love to hike—I’m a nature girl and I’m always hiking and walking. Aside from that, I like to collect vinyls. I love music, especially electronic and ‘70s music.

How did you first get into graphic design?
Before this, I was studying in ITE, and I was in this club called Central Independent Musician’s Club. I’m really into music and I like going to gigs and supporting local underground bands. During those club meetings, I tried shooting some photos and made some posters for the bands. I guess you could say that music was the spark that first got me interested in graphic design.

What’s the one song that plays in your mind every time you walk into a room?
Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush. Actually, anything from Kate Bush, really.

What are some of your favourite hiking spots, or the 1 most memorable trip you’ve been on? 
As of late, my friends and I have been going to Bukit Timah Hill and Dairy Farm Quarry. I remember there was one time when we were at Dairy Farm Quarry and it was raining. It was so fun because we were all playing around in the rain and we felt like kids again. We actually saw a cobra too, so that was really memorable. I’m also really looking forward to a hiking trip to North India that I’ve been planning for. I’m hoping to go sometime this year.

What’s something you wish you had more time in life for?
Music! I want to experiment with making some music, specifically field music. It’s kind of like recording ambient sounds, and mixing it with electronic beats. I also want to have more time for gardening and farming. I grew up in a kampung in the Philippines before I came to Singapore when I was 15, and back then, I was really in touch with gardening and farming. Now, during the holidays, I volunteer at Ground-up Initiative, which is an organic farm in Singapore. It’s fun because we learn more about the land and how they produce what we consume.

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