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You were previously working in the banking industry—what first attracted you to this sector?
I was first interested in banking because my father works in this sector.  For now, I’m taking a break to go back to my studies.

The toughest part about working in the banking industry would be:
Having to do the same thing every day. This is the reason why I switched to the consulting industry.

We know you’re born in Japan—how did you end up calling Singapore home?
My ex-boyfriend was Singaporean and I got a job offer here in  Singapore—which is how I ended up living in Singapore. I followed my heart!

What would you say has been the greatest achievement of your life so far?
To be honest, I wouldn’t say I have any great achievements in my life. I’m just happy about where I am in life right now. I have the greatest husband and the cutest dog and I would not ask for more!

What are some things about Singapore that feel like home to you?
I have always felt that Singapore was home because I’ve lived here and in Thailand for more than 15 years. The hot weather definitely feels like home. Now, I miss the food here when I go back to Japan.

If you could change just one thing about society, what would it be?
Making it a more inclusive society. I was bullied when I studied in a Japanese school back in Japan just because I spoke English and looked a bit different from the rest. I feel that society needs to be more accepting and inclusive of people who are different. I believe that we are all beautiful because we are different.

Name a type of food that always makes you feel better, no matter the situation:
Oysters! Paired with some wine, of course.

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