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Aiwei might possibly the coolest teacher at the design school she’s teaching at, and she says she loves that she actually gains knowledge even as she imparts it. The downside of her job, however, is her fixed schedules, and she makes use of her free time on some weekends to fly back home to Sarawak to visit her family. Aiwei recently started teaching after completing a three-year stint in Finland, but she longs for a slower life. “If I could, I’d be a filmmaker, or a wood craftsman,” she says. “I’d like to be more self-sustainable, live in the country side, and grow my own vegetables.” Her unusual aspirations are reflected in her quirky sense of style, which she describes as a “raw mix of clothing” that either ends up looking like a “catastrophe of exploded prints” or “nothing elaborate at all”, but we think that Aiwei looks charming in everything she wears.

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