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We’ve photographed Jennifer several times before (herehere, and here) and although she looks different every time, she always manages to make her look work. “It’s fun to dress for different roles in my life; weekday corporate warrior, weekend preppy mum and regular sexy date for the hubby! Personalizing my outfit is just an extension of having fun with my looks.” What’s new for her? Well, she just had a baby, adding another bundle of joy to the family, and says that parenting has changed her style, just a little. “I think style evolves with lifestyle and age and we adapt with what works for our current situation while staying true to our stylistic preference. Strong lines and colors are a consistent theme for me, although previously, I could never imagine wearing sneakers all over town. But now, since I have to keep up with a 4-year-old boy on the weekend, thank goodness for my Dior fusion sneakers!” One thing she will never forgo is making sure her outfits fit right, because she believes that everything immediately looks more elegant when it appears to have been custom-fit. Being a working mother does come with its challenges, Jennifer admits, but she also says that there is too much social pressure on women nowadays to excel at everything and be a “ever-Vogue-ready, multi-tasking, wonderwoman”. “It’s unrealistic and not a recipe for happiness in life. I think women in general have a pre-disposition to guilt which hinders enjoyment — I mean, the phrase “working dad guilt” doesn’t exist right? I try to really exist in the moment, whether I am out for date night with the hubby, playdate time with my son, having a catch-up meal with my girlfriends, or deep in the midst of urgent project deliverables. If you have my attention, you have it in full.” Jennifer is a also a believer in learning something new every year, and so she’s taking Japanese lessons. Ever ready to seize the moment, she says her favourite quote comes from Abraham Lincoln: “Things may come to those who wait. But only the things left by those who hustle.”
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