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Jack Wills


Nine West



What’s something not many people know about you?
I like to challenge myself physically, and can be quite a tomboy about it. I completed a Spartan Race earlier this year, and go indoor rock climbing frequently. However, I am quite clumsy so I’m often covered in bruises and cuts as a result.

Share with us a random useless talent that you have:
I can nap anytime, anywhere. Apparently Winston Churchill credited his success in leading Britain through World War II to his napping, so maybe it’s not so useless! (laughs)

Describe your sense of style:
Feminine and classic. The only time I ever wear pants or shorts would be when I’m exercising.

What are some things you can’t live without in your wardrobe?
LBDs for nights out, sundresses for the weekends, and knee-length pencil skirts for work.

What’s the last thing you read that inspired you?
The very first rule in Jordan Peterson’s book 12 Rules For Life is to stand up straight with your shoulders back. While many things can determine our outlook in life, studies have shown that standing up straight actually boosts confidence and even leads to increased levels of testosterone in men. It sounds strangely simple, but it kick-starts a positive feedback loop that makes you feel better about yourself and gives you more confidence to take on challenges.  So whenever you are feeling down and low in self-esteem, start by standing up straight!

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