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We caught Lynnette while she was on her way to lunch in an outfit that was simple but well put together. Dressed in a plain, grey, figure-hugging dress, Lynnette says that her style is usually more structured, and that today is her TGIF outfit. She also sticks to a simple rule when it comes to dressing appropriately for the office — if it’s tight, it shouldn’t be short. Lynette adds just a blush of colour and a hint of her usual style with a boxy, peach-toned clutch. Her demure disposition is reflected her neutral colour palette, and minimalism. “I’m a simple dresser; I don’t accessorise much,” Lynnette says. “I don’t really wear jeans; mostly skirts,” she adds. Having been a business developer with her current company for just three months, Lynnette tells us that her new job is very dynamic, and there is much for her to learn. 

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