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Daniel Wellington

When Victoria dresses up for work, she picks pieces that are contemporary and in a solid bold colour, much like the burgundy jumpsuit she has on. However, when she’s off work, her workwear is usually replaced by her exercise gear. “I’m quite the gym bunny. If I have an off day I’d love to spend at least 2-3 hours in the gym, working out and just absorbing the energy from people there.” Besides heading to the gym, Victoria likes going on long runs too, but more as a means of clearing her head and sorting things out. “I run to find some headspace and enjoy the peace that I don’t get much of. Even if I don’t get a resolution, I’d feel a hell of a lot better after.” When things get particularly rough, she reminds herself to “move along with life to new experiences, people and places”, a piece of advice she got from an acquaintance. “It helps me to step back and think about life in a much broader perspective, so I don’t let the small things get me down.” Victoria names her mother as her role model, being someone who didn’t let circumstances overwhelm her even though she had to give up a lot to bring Victoria and her two sisters up. “I’d love to emulate her dedication and passion to my family when I have my own.”

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