Pixie Perfect






Standing out on the busy streets of Raffles Place in her striking outfit — a scarlet and navy striped maxi, electric blue carryall and python printed flats — we caught Clancie, with her cute dimpled smile, just after her workout session. Looking at her, you wouldn’t think she used to be heavy, but Clancie confided that over a decade over, she weighed 68kg. “I gradually managed to cut my weight down but honestly, staying fit and healthy became a priority only in the last three years,” she said. Her svelte figure today is thanks to a rigorous gym routine — hitting the gym at least two to three times a week for an hour or two each time. “I used to work out up to five times a week but my new job doesn’t provide that luxury gym time,” she said. Clancie sticks to a clean palate as part of her health regime, often opting for salads over deep fried food. Her one indulgence? Chocolate. “It’s a must-have for me everyday,” she exclaimed. “Even if it’s something simple like Milo Dinosaur, it’ll satisfy my extremely sweet tooth!” Cafe-hopping is a favourite pastime, as is spending time with her pets, a pair of Holland Lop rabbits. “In Singapore, we have a rather tight-knit group of ‘bunny parents’ who get together and let our bunnies play.” The shy lady continued, “I’ve made many friends locally and globally because of my bunnies. It’s not all about them; we talk about every under the sun!”

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