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Desiree’s black blouse was what first caught our attention: it looks deceivingly simple with a cropped front, but look closer and you’ll notice a cape detail that adds an instant flair to the outfit. Paired with striped pants reminiscent of a beach holiday, the final ensemble looks playful, yet appropriate. Desiree describes her personal style as being “quite casual and laid-back”. “Even my mum has been asking why I’m wearing my ‘off-duty’ clothes to work,” she says. “But generally, I wear whatever pieces of clothing I like, whether or not they’re flattering. For example, I recently wore a green camouflage dress to work which some colleagues, for reasons I’m not sure of, didn’t quite understand!” We love how Desiree pairs the casual pants with a simple black shirt, adding just a touch of colour with her coral-toned flats. From her relaxed get-up, we wouldn’t have guessed that Desiree is in banking, an industry commonly thought to have strict dress codes. “My boss isn’t particular — she lets us wear whatever we like.” She also finds her current profession a welcome change from her previous job. “It has better hours than where I was previously, at a law firm.” Now, with her extra time, Desiree tries to balance an active lifestyle with work. “I do yoga, lots of yoga!” she says. She also does her best to have a little time for herself. “I’m currently reading Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel, and I’m dying to watch Zootopia.” 

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