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As a fashion merchandiser, it’s no surprise that Andrea knows how to dress well. For anyone who loves clothes, it’s a dream job, and Andrea backs that up. “I’m surrounded by beautiful things every day, which I love,” she says. “Unfortunately, all the beautiful things are not mine to own!” She says her style is best described as a mix between Carrie Bradshaw and Charlotte York from Sex & The City, and that her biggest fashion pet-peeve would be when people don’t take the initiative to dress up for work. “Always put a little bit of yourself into each look but most of all, be comfortable,” she says. “I usually personalise by wearing something quirky or interesting, finishing off with a charm or nameplate necklace.” Andrea does have other interests beyond fashion; she calls herself a “die-hard fashionista by day, geek by night,” and she loves gaming and action movies just as much. She also says she is a complete foodie, and that takes her on mini adventures around the country. “It’s always fun to explore a new suburb. I’m always on a mission to find the perfect soy latte!” And perhaps to balance out her indulgences, she always makes time to work out every chance she get. If she wasn’t a fashion merchandiser, Andrea says she might have become an MTV VJ; although, if her parents had their way, she would have been an accountant. Nonetheless, her family is supportive and understanding of her work, even when she finds it difficult to balancing work and life. “I’m lucky to have loved ones who understand,” she says. “But to cope during those hard days, find a way to make it work. At the end of the day, work is not everything!” One thing she’s learnt from those hard days is that good things take time. “Be very patient.”

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