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In hindsight, Grace would advise her younger self to “study harder and be more inquisitive, so eventually you’ll have more answers than questions to life.” For now, Grace faces any challenge with a never-say-die attitude, and a belief that she should always keep trying. “In life, you can’t gain anything if you don’t try. Life can give you lemons and nothing will change unless you make lemonade.” It seems like Grace has always been following her dreams, dabbling in anything and everything that interests her. Grace was previously an air stewardess, satisfying her wanderlust before recently making the switch to stay grounded ever since she got married. Her current job in recruitment is something she enjoys, nonetheless. “I have always loved interacting with and helping people, so by matchmaking my interest with my career I hope there’ll be long term success!” Grace admits that work can get pretty stressful at times, and when that happens she destresses by playing sports. “I’ve always been a sporty person. Even now I try to gym twice a week after work, to make sure I don’t overwork, and on weekends I try other fun activities such as rock climbing, pole dancing, badminton, and volleyball.” She’d even go so far as to call herself an “adrenaline and sports junkie”. “I love diving because there is nothing more calming than the hum of the sea,” she says. “I’d also love to get my solo skydiving certification one day.” 

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