Best decision ever made:
Choosing to study in LASALLE College Of The Arts. It was a risk as I thought I’d never do arts and my parents always thought it would be a stupid career, but when I finally chose to go to LASALLE, it was a bit of an awakening or something. I’m doing Design Communications and I have two years to go.

What do you like about Design Communication?
I don’t just like graphics; I like design that tells a story. I feel that graphic design has the opportunity to convey messages and to change things, so that’s something I really love about it. I feel like I can start change.

Favourite artist/graphic designer:
Stefan Sagmeister. His work moved away from being purely digital—he actually used a knife to cut text onto his own body for a poster. It was a bit crazy, but it was so raw and he wanted to portray the ordeal of graphic design and how difficult it is to do it.

What kind of music do you listen to?
I’m not too sure if there’s a genre for the music I’m listening to, but it’s a lot of The Civil Wars, Of Monsters And Men, and Oh Wonder. I’m currently listening to a lot of Oh Wonder and my favourite song by them is Drive.

Scariest thing you’ve done?
I would still have to say going to LASALLE—the interview was nerve-wracking!

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