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Daniel Wellington

Originally from Amsterdam, Kas is a freelance model and brand promoter, and says he was supposed to have left Singapore a few weeks back, but decided to stay on. His Instagram is full of photos of him in urban, sporty looks in locations all around the globe, and he seems to be fully enjoying his work. “I love the fact that it’s not fixed and it does not consume the whole day,” he says. “My work revolves around my family and friends. I find it important to do something that you love in life; don’t work just for the sake of working. Make your own dreams a reality.” If he wasn’t modelling, Kas says he would most likely be working in a streetwear shop. The huge Star Wars fan says that music, from all different genres, is also a big influence in how he lives his life, and his style in general. “I would describe my personal style as authentic, clean, simple, and fresh,” he says. “When dressing up for work, I think you should just keep it simple and comfortable; don’t be extraordinary for no reason.” When he isn’t at work, Kas can be seen working out, “chilling with his homies”, and reading fashion articles for inspiration. Kas says that he aspires to live his life as simple and non-stress-related as possible, and tends not to look up to people for style inspiration or as role models. “I’d rather get some ambitious ideas from them so I can make my life more worthwhile.”
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