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Tell us a little more about what you do, and how you first got into your current line of work.
I’ve been working in the communications since graduation from university. I had majored in corporate communications and psychology, and my internships further exposed me to this exciting world. Naturally, I found myself gravitating to this industry.

Are there any TV shows or books you frequently revisit?
Friends: the characters are very relatable and watching the show always puts me in a better mood.

What’s something you wished you learnt in school that isn’t being taught currently?
I don’t think everything can be learnt in school, social skills and having street smarts aren’t things that can be taught in school. Guess the real-world schools you too!

What’s a trait you value in people?
People who are positive and optimistic—I think it’s an important mindset to have in my life, so that you don’t keep thinking about the tough times and learn to look forward.

What’s something surprising that you’ve personally learnt through your job?
Communications can be very subjective. How one person views and interprets a certain piece of work or statement can defer a lot from another person’s perspective. It really depends on their worldview. As for myself, I learnt that I perform better under pressure. The sudden rush of energy I get when the adrenaline kicks in makes me work faster.

Your personal philosophy is:
Let it be (laughs). If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen, so there’s no need to put unnecessary stress on yourself worrying about it. When I was younger, I was more of a perfectionist, but realised the stress was not worth it. There’s more to life, and even when you fail, it’s a learning experience!

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