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What life skills are rarely taught but extremely useful?
Time management. If you’re able to allocate time properly and prioritise things accurately in your daily life, things would go a lot more smoothly.

If you could trade lives with anyone in the world for just a day, who would it be and why?
A$AP Rocky. He has a brilliant mind and is always ahead of the curve, so I’d like to see how he works and the sort of inspiration he’s around everyday. Plus, I think he’s damn cool. (laughs)

What’s the most interesting documentary you’ve ever watched?
I don’t know if it’s the most interesting, but I really enjoyed  Hip-Hop Evolution on Netflix. I’m a huge fan of hip-hop music and culture, and learning about its origins and how it’s changed and evolved over the years was very special to me.

What’s a superpower you’d like to have, and how would you use it to help people?
I’d like to control time—to stop it, or go back and forwards in time. 24 hours in a day simply aren’t enough, and sometimes you only get one shot at something. Being able to control time would help in so many situations—I could prevent accidents, do things right, and avoid awkward conversations. (laughs)

What’s something interesting people don’t really know about you?
I’m Chinese-Indian, though I get mistaken for Malay or Filipino pretty often! But hey, this is Singapore, and we have people from all ethnicities here.

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