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How did you get started?
My sister invited me to sign up for a trial pole dancing class back in 2016. I was very inflexible and didn’t like working out (laughs). But the music and dancing caught my interest. I felt that it was something I could do even though I didn’t have any background!

What do you enjoy most about dancing?
My favourite part about it is that it teaches you about yourself and your body. You recognise your weaknesses but also what you can achieve.

As an instructor, what’s your favourite part of teaching?
I love seeing the progression of every student! We celebrate together. It’s very rewarding when I see them work hard on something and improve every week.

What’s your learning/ teaching philosophy?
Because our bodies are built differently, everyone’s pace is different. I don’t believe in comparing or using someone else’s goal as your goal. What you want to find is your pace, what you can and cannot do, and you’ll slowly grow as a dancer. It’s the same for life, actually: work towards getting better and you’ll get there. So I always tell my students to go at their own pace, recognise improvements, and work on them.

Describe your fashion style.
I don’t usually plan what to wear! I just go with my mood. But I tend to go with more comfortable and baggy clothes. And I don’t usually wear patterns but just something plain and simple.

What’s your go-to breakfast?
I used to skip breakfast when I was younger. But as I get older, I tend to get hungry in the morning. I live with my grandparents and have simple coffee and bread with them. I’m always under their care and it’s great. They watched me grow up and I still enjoy living with them. I’m really close to them.

Describe your perfect weekend.
My weekends are spent at the studio dancing, practising, and teaching. Time goes by so quickly because I really enjoy it and I get to hang out with my studio friends. 

What superpower would you like to have?
Healing. It’s gentle, soothing and a positive power and energy to go around. I would love to have it to positively impact people and the world.

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