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What first sparked your interest in this field of wealth management?
I’ve always believed in the power of female empowerment where young women like myself have the means to be financially free. My mom used to tell me to never depend on anyone for money, and this has stuck with me. That advice started me on this track and I’ve been working on empowering independent, strong women towards a financially-free future where they can always fall back on themselves.

We know you have two children—what’s one advice you’d like them to carry throughout their life?
To never seek validation from people or other things, but to find it within themselves, because they are good enough. We spend our whole lives seeking validation thinking we’re not enough, but if you can find it within you and be at peace with it, you will be able to realise your own worth and perform at your peak.

As someone familiar with finance, we’re sure you’ve met various types of clients. What’s a common misunderstanding people tend to have about managing your finances?
One common misconception is that it’s too late or too early to plan for retirement but the fact is there’s never a good time. Every little bit of planning in this area will go a long way to securing your golden years.

Is there a trait of yourself that you like the best? What about a trait that you’d change if given the chance?
I have a glib tongue—it has opened many doors and brought me to places. A trait I’d like to change would be my quick-temperedness. I’m learning to be more patient through my children who truly test your patience sometimes (laughs).

Comparing your own childhood with your children’s, what do you think has been the biggest change for children growing up in this day and age?
It’s a digital era more so than it was during my time. Take for example: homeschooling during the lockdown. We had to introduce them to getting online and then try to rein in their focus, which can be a huge challenge. As much as we try to limit screen time in our household, it’s something we cannot avoid and the quicker we accept this and guide our children on how they can tackle the digital era, the better it will be for their future.

If you could relive one day of your life, which one would you choose and why?
Quite frankly, none. Everything I’ve done in my life has brought me to where I am at today and I am at peace with it. I look forward to living instead of reliving.

If there’s something you could say to our Shentonista audience, what would it be?
If there is a woman reading this who’s trying to stand on her own feet and be free, please reach out and I will do my best to help in any way I can.

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