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Tory Burch

Something interesting about me:
I always take a risk.

What’s nice to see in Russia?
Snow! It’s a very cold country. It’s warm for just three months of the year, and for the rest of the nine months, it’s cold.

Do you miss Russia?
Yes, I do, but I prefer warm weather. I miss my friends most, not so much the country though. I like Singapore also because it’s small. I like that everywhere is easy to access and it’s comfortable. I also like the lifestyle here.

What do you like to do here in Singapore?
I enjoy my weekends by spending some active time with my daughter. We go to Sentosa for entertainment. Universal Studios Singapore is my favourite place and the Mummy ride is my favourite! I also like the local food—especially Indian food that’s spicy.

Any tips/advice that you’d like to give to new parents?
Don’t force your kids to do something when they are not ready, or push them to study too much. They have all of life to study, so let them enjoy a childhood. 

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