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Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I currently work in Marketing, and I just started using TikTok—it’s been really fun! I create content about going around places in Singapore with my girlfriend, which has been doing quite well.

Another thing is I’m also into sustainability. I run an Instagram account called @projsustainableme, and what I do is I try to incorporate sustainability into my daily life by reducing the amount of plastic I use, using more reusable bags, and all that.

What’s the story behind your TikTok username, @cluelesstwenties?
It’s really about how I’m in my 20s, and am just clueless about things.

There’s no manual to life; everything that I’m doing, I’m completely clueless at. It’s really about just living life as it is.

The content that I shoot with my girlfriend is just us trying to figure out life and going around exploring places, whether it’s going to events or finding stuff for our new home.

Of the many adventures you’ve been on with your girlfriend, what is one you’d recommend to others?
There’s one exhibition called We Are Connected in the ArtScience Museum. The artist, Patricia Piccinini, creates sculptures of humans and animals, and it’s damn wacky! When I saw the first sculpture, I was a little bit afraid, to be honest. And then, as I started to go through the entire exhibition, I found it quite enchanting.

Yeah, so that’s a whole experience in itself, and I think everyone should go and check it out at least once.

Tell us more about your tattoos.
Oh, I like traditional Western tattoos, which is what I have on my body.

This Shibari girl rope wraparound on my forearm is by @rreikemon. I saw the design, thought it looked pretty, and decided to get it.

I also have a couple tattoo with my girlfriend, which is a Duffy bear done by a Korean artist who came to Singapore for guest work. The story is that we both have our own physical Duffy bears that we bought separately from Disney Sea in Japan. So I got my girlfriend’s Duffy bear tattooed on myself, while she got mine tattooed on herself.

You mentioned that you’re into sustainability. What first sparked your interest in it?
Actually, I started gaining interest in sustainability when I was working in my previous job.Before COVID, we had to work in office Monday to Friday. Every time my colleagues and I go out to dabao food, it’s always packed in plastic bags and plastic containers.

One day, I thought, “Okay, I’ve had enough. Maybe I can try to be more sustainable.” So what I did was, when I went to Taiwan, I bought some Pockeat bags, which are reusable bags for food, as well as some collapsible containers and reusable cutleries. When I got back, I started to incorporate them in my lunchtime routine during work days.

After a while, I thought, “Okay, this is kind of interesting. How else can I take it further?” So I extended my sustainable habits into my cooking. What I do is I try to grow vegetables again. You know, spring onions, you can regrow them if you leave the roots intact. I’ve also grown more environmentally-conscious in my fashion sense by thrifting as much as I can instead of buying pieces brand new.

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