Made Suits


Made Suits


Made Suits

Often, it’s the smallest of stitches that bring together the whole outfit or unravel it entirely. Benjamin’s suit, which he mentioned had been stitched with his master tailors in Italy and Hong Kong, was proof of this very fact—from the effortless draping of the fabric to precise lines, it was the suit that spoke for him. Though he was careful to stress that this was one of his more casual looks, the Shentonista team loved how he played around with different elements for a look that could easily bring him through work meetings, followed by a night out. The formality of the suit was lightened with fun and frivolous touches—like the weekend-ready camo-print shoes that injected levity into the ensemble, and the choice of a light-coloured patterned shirt that stood on its own yet complemented the attire.

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