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Tell us more about what you do for work.
I’m the Head of Marketing at Lendlease, a multinational construction and real estate company. We currently own four malls in Singapore—313@Somerset, JEM, Paya Lebar Quarter, and Parkway Parade.

Has marketing always been an interest of yours?
Yes it has been, but I would say if I weren’t doing this, I would definitely be in fashion. I haven’t tried designing yet, but I’ve always liked dressing up since I was young.

What are some of your go-to brands or clothing items?
For brands, I don’t have a go-to, but I’m loving Simone Rocha a lot right now.

As for clothing items, I love bowler hats. If I can get my hands on them ready-made, I will buy them, because custom bowler hats are very expensive. I currently have two in black and one in grey.

What sparked your interest in fashion?
Nothing in particular. I just think that if you dress well, you will feel good! Some people think that I’m attention seeking, but I mean, why else would you have stopped me, right? (laughs)

What are your thoughts on the local fashion scene?
I think it’s definitely getting better and better! I think personality and self-expression plays a big part in the scene improving, because fashion isn’t cookie-cutter, there’s no one right formula to it.

Outside of fashion, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I dive, so I like to travel to the Philippines and Indonesia to dive because it’s not as costly there (laughs).

On the topic of travel, what’s the best place you’ve visited recently?
Oh, Shanghai and Beijing. I spent Christmas in Beijing and New Year’s in Shanghai last year, so I was there for about 12 days, and I loved it!

That said, I would love to visit countries that are further away, like Prague or Budapest.

Do you have any goals (at work or otherwise) that you’d like to achieve this year?
Goals? (laughs) No, I just want to travel more!

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