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Tell us about what you do as a writer. Was this a career you’ve always wanted to pursue?
I write the curriculum and training materials for insurance agents. In essence, my team champions digital transformation in the way learners learn—from dated methods to content that will engage the generation of today.

This wasn’t something I’d thought to pursue. Only after I had the opportunity to write for work did I realise its potential as a career path for me.

How has this changed from your ambitions as a child?
I’ve always been an expressive child, so I grew up wanting to be a performer in some way. I also wanted to be a fashion designer, but I guess I’ve learned that I express myself best through words.

Share with us a piece of work at Singapore Art Museum that resonated with you.
The Opium Parallax and Footnotes, two related works about the opium trade by Burmese artist Sawangwongse Yawnghwe. The installation portrays opium as an element that can be used for good, but have adverse effects if abused.

I think that translates to the duality of life—every story has two (or more) sides to it. There is no one good thing or bad thing, one good person or bad person, but just like the poppy plant, anything can be shaped to bring out the best or worst in a situation.

You recently moved into your first home across the border! How has this transition been for you?
Like everything, it was full of ups and downs.

My husband and I first purchased our house during COVID in 2020, but only moved in at the end of 2022 due to multiple delays. All in all, it was a huge learning process, and there are many things I would have done differently in hindsight.

That said, I’m so thankful that I now have a place to call my own. I also love hosting family and friends as well, especially those in Singapore who now have a place to stay when they come over to Malaysia!

Since you primarily work from home, what are some ways you maintain productivity while keeping yourself grounded?
It’s not easy because I’m super restless at home. And now with a new house and no one to help with chores, there always seems to be something to clean or wash or cook, which can be very distracting.

It helps to have a designated workspace, so we’ve dedicated a room to just that. I also give myself short breaks every now and then so that I can stay focused when I get back to work.

Another thing I like to do is play my favourite tunes on the speaker and brew myself a mug of AeroPress or filter coffee to emulate a café environment. It makes working from home that much more enjoyable!

Tell us about your experience as the oldest child in your family. Is there a memory growing up that you’re particularly fond of?
I’m the oldest of four siblings, but it honestly doesn’t feel like it sometimes (laughs). My siblings were and are all pretty independent, so I never had to “take care” of them.

One of the fondest memories I have growing up is the silly games we used to play in the car. Since we didn’t have mobile phones or tablets back then, we’d make up random games like the “woah woah” game which goes like this: we’d kneel on the backseat of the car (much to our parents’ displeasure) and try our best to maintain our balance as the car moves and turns. Car rides were always a blast!

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