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Orseund Iris

You’re a Fine Art student at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. Share with us more about the art form you’re pursuing and what materials you work with.
I’ve been working with sculptures and ceramics.

Since I’m most intrigued by materiality and textures, I really enjoy the physical and hands-on work, but a lot of things can go wrong, especially with ceramics where it’s such a lengthy process that requires so much planning and calculation. Yet despite the many tests and intense planning, you’ll never really know how it will turn out!

For my works, I use mostly recycled and unconventional materials that I find on streets and in bins when I’m out on my many walks, or things that we have easy access to in our daily lives like plastic packagings. Once, I even came across a used bandage that still had some fleshy bits on it!

When did your interest in art begin?
I’ve always been into drawing and art, so much so that in my last year of secondary school, when I had to do math and science everyday, my brain would turn off and all I could think about doing was art. I had tunnel vision from there and art felt like the right thing to pursue. So here I am now; I’m really glad I chose this path.

We understand that you’ve been on an overseas trip recently, tell us about your experience.
I was in Seoul last week for a school trip; it was my first time there and it was so much fun!

Honestly, the art was my least favourite part of the trip. Rather, I really enjoyed the architecture of the palaces, the insane landscapes, and the weather!

What do you see yourself doing after you graduate?
My lecturers are all practicing artists, so it’s something that I’m starting to think hard about pursuing too. Some of them get invited to different places to talk about art, and that’s the dream for me! I want to work in different places and meet new people while doing art.

I’d love to take up residencies all over the world—Iceland, Poland, and Italy. I’m hoping there are residencies in Korea too because I really want to go back there again.

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