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Tocco Toscano

Last we saw her here, Melanie was all sweet; this time, she’s a tad more sassy, although that signature sweet smile is still there. In a flirty little black dress with a bewitching mesh v-back and patent black cork platforms, Melanie showed how to pull off simplicity. Plus, the outfit highlighted her gorgeous mane of shiny locks to its best effect. A bright red sling bag gives her outfit a pop of colour; a scarf added flair. The chatty broker is looking forward to a holiday in Boracay this June. “I can’t wait to soak in the sun, after being in the office everyday in Singapore!” Her newfound hobby will surely come in handy then – Melanie has recently taken up photography and purchased a spiffy red NIKON D5300. Have fun honing your photography skills, Melanie!

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