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Something interesting about myself:
I have an identical twin sister.

Something I can’t live without:
My watch(es)! It’s become such a habit to always put on a watch that I feel weird without one when I’m out of the house.

People don’t know this but I…
I choose the MRT gantry that I tap into. Most people don’t notice, but that there’s a number on the gate, and I tap in at the number I like. Every MRT is different but I’ll just pick whatever’s within my vision.

Most memorable trip:
Has got to be my trip to Prague last year. I was supposed to fly from Florence to Prague via Rome, but it ended up as a series of unfortunate events—a flight delay due to bad weather, which caused us to miss our connecting flight out, leaving us stranded in Rome for a night (albeit with a free hotel stay!) and lost/delayed baggage due to all the confusion. All of this left us with just one day in Prague, but we still managed to accomplish quite a fair bit, and Prague is definitely one of my favourite cities thus far! I learnt that there’s always good in everything if we choose to find it, and through it all, it’s the company that matters.

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