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Zoe describes her style as Japanese-influenced, and she often tries to go for a more unique look. Perhaps she revels in dressing up because work requires her to wear a company uniform, so on her days off, she gets to play around with different outfits and looks. “Even if I wear the same outfit, I try to make it feel new and different. Anyone can change up a look by adding different elements that refresh it.” Refreshing is definitely the word that comes to mind, as Zoe bumps up the standard white-shirt-blue-jeans combination with a knitted, patterned vest and gold-tipped sneakers. If she could, Zoe would like to work in the fashion industry, but for now, she believes in working smarter, not harder. One other wish that she would like to someday fulfil: her childhood dream of learning how to play the piano. “I’ve loved the piano since I was a child. I think it’s one of the most beautiful musical instruments.” Zoe seems to be taking it slow, and living life each day as it comes. “I’m just a simple girl who loves the simple things in life,” she says. “Just be yourself, and do what you love.”

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