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One thing that Olivia thinks most people don’t know about her: “I’m actually quite a chill person. Somehow people think I’m very garang (Malay for ‘fierce’ or ever-energetic) but I can really be a sloth when I want to.” Which is why her dream vacations are lazy holidays on the beach, where she can simply disconnect from the rest of the world. Even better, she’d love to have her very own beach resort so that she can have sangrias on a hammock, anytime she wants. Dreams aside, Olivia tries to fill her days with good food and plenty of downtime. “I start off every weekend with mee pok mornings—it makes me happy—and I just like chilling with my friends and having a nice drink towards the end of the week.” It appears that Olivia is content with just the simplest things in life, and one of her goals this year is pretty straightforward, but incredibly meaningful at the same time. “My friends are all around the world this year, so I would love for everyone to sit down together and have one of the most kickass Christmas dinners ever,” she says. “I think it’ll get harder to do year after year, so that’s one of the things that I really want to make happen.”

Olivia was previously seen here.

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