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Jeffrey Campbell

Every time we meet Nalinna, she seems to have an exciting new project at hand, or something new that she’s made for herself. She describes her style as ‘The Forest Wanderer’, a cross between a bohemian and Japanese Mori Girl style. “My jobs are my hobbies,” she says. “I do sewing, designing, styling, drawing, painting, baking, and photography, among others.” With so many activities on hand, the most important thing to have is discipline, she says. “I have to set a ‘to do’ list and try my best to complete it at the end of the day, so that I keep everything on track. I work independently, so there is no boss to chase after me!” One of the best parts of being an independent designer is that she is able to work at her own pace and time. “I work whenever I’m free, and most of the time I work at home, so I get to meet friends when it comes to traveling and collaborations. I get to spend time with my family almost everyday!” It’s hard to categorise exactly what Nalinna does, and she says that it’s quite hard to explain. “I’ve often been asked, ‘So what do you actually do?’ I don’t work office hours, nor do I work for companies. I draw whenever I want to, and paint on a rainy day. Some days I bake to share recipes, or make drinks for food styling. Sometimes I’m behind the lens. I sew when a new dress is needed, and become a vintage collector every time I spot something. I sell stuff, and I make small money, but it’s enough to save and live through each day. In this quiet corner, in my small world, I adore the life that I have.” It seems that Nalinna is having fun just exploring life and indulging in all the things she loves to do. “The greatest happiness comes from the things that you put your heart into.” Nalinna was the runner-up of our Shentonista of the Year 2014 contest; see her post here.

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