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If you could time-travel back in time to any point, where would you want to go back, or forward to?
I would want to go forward, because I’m always thinking forward in time. I want to go forward to when I’m sixty, because I think that women are so wise when they’re older, and they have this backlog of experiences. That’s an interesting time that I’m also looking forward to.

You’ve stayed in many different places all around the world. Can you tell us about one memorable experience that you had?
Memorable moments to me would mean special moments as well. I think it would be when I moved from Singapore to Melbourne. I remember getting on the plane and feeling so heartbroken that I was leaving my home country to go somewhere else, and I was so scared. Now I feel like I can’t get that feeling anymore—that very strong feeling of winging something. When you’re a teenager you feel like you’re leaving everything and you can’t come back, but when you’re older it’s easier. 

Bucket list of places I want to visit:
Somewhere strange, just somewhere that has a beach but is also very isolated. I don’t know where, but I want to go there! (laughs) And also those cave pools in Greece. Anything with water, because I love swimming. I love the beach; there are beaches in Melbourne, but you have to drive far out to go to an isolated beach.

What was the biggest cultural difference for you between Singapore and Melbourne?
I think when I moved there, there was a bit of a culture shock. I first went there when I was younger, but when I went back, I was a teenager. Maybe it was more about what people were doing, like going out and drinking and things like that. I think that was a big shock for me, so my values and belief systems were really questioned and tested. It was all a big learning curve for me.

A lesson in life I’ve learnt:
Always think about the impact that you have at a bigger level, and always be empathetic. Think of it as not so much for your own personal gain, but how you can grow the people around you as well.

Nabilah is one of the artists exhibiting for DISINI at Gillman Barracks.

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