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One mystery I’d like to know the answer to is:
Why God created humans. I’m glad we were put here on earth, but I want to know if there was a reason.

Your outfit is a bright mix of colours—is this how you typically dress?
I like to wear bright colours, not only because it’s a fun way to express myself, but also because I work with children most of the time, and the colours are a good way to attract and keep their attention.

As an art educator, what’s something that teaching children has taught you?
To not underestimate them, even though they’re young. They do have a lot to offer.

If you could change something about the art industry in Singapore, what would it be?
Museum visits should be a vital part of the art curriculum in school. Something that’s missing in our current education is art appreciation—we learn how to be practitioners but no one teaches you how to truly appreciate it. I think if done well, art can be a platform to teach a range of different subjects, including the sciences.

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