Spotted! A Wild Cat







Salvatore Ferragamo

Looking completely different from when we first met her, Farah wowed us this time with her freshly chopped bob. It highlighted her elfin face and aptly reflects her easy-going, carefree personality. Her frock too, exuded a girlish charm, with its bold polka dot print, bishop sleeves and bright blue hue. And her jelly flats? The perfect footwear for the recent unexpected downpours. Farah’s quite the social creature who enjoys hanging out with friends and a good party, but she concedes that sometimes she just wants nothing but me-time. “Just doing absolutely nothing with me, myself and I; solitude,” she emphasised. The lady is currently reading “Long Walk to Freedom” by Nelson Mandela, intrigued by how the world is shaped by just one man.  If Farah was an animal, she’d be a cat. “Not a cutesy lil’ munchkin one,” she clarified, “But a wild cat.”

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