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I design scarves as a hobby, and it all started with my mum.
I noticed she was reusing a scarf that was quite old, and I really wanted to give her a new one, but not just a scarf that was off the shelf. Around this time she got me hooked on pomegranates as a snack. It reminded me of the story Abduction Of Persephone and what the fruit symbolises: abundance and generosity, which resonated the feelings that I have for my mother. So I painted a few pomegranates, created a pattern, and went to get it printed on chiffon.

Each scarf has its own story behind it.
I really liked the process of how my first print came about, so I went to explore it further, and from there I’ve created prints that have reflected my thought process and emotions, like nostalgia. My aim is to illustrate stories to wear as accessories. All my designs are in series, and I don’t do reprints.

Favourite quote:
“The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of.” — Blaise Pascal.

Best decision I’ve ever made:
At this point of time, it would be my purchase of a new 15-inch Macbook Pro. Yay to more processing power!

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