Salvatore Ferragamo

Denise left her job in banking to pursue her dream — to set up her own home and lifestyle concept store that revolves around journeys, travels, and modern global eclecticism. As a newly minted entrepreneur and businesswoman, Denise says she has had to adapt, both in terms of her lifestyle and personal style, which she describes as “well-travelled bohemian”. “Like many newbie businesswomen out there, I have to be an all-rounder. I scramble around many locations and meet many people, trying to make sense of what it takes to set up a venture,” she says. “One day can take me from a glamorous restaurant meeting to factory visits. My accessories are lightweight and small — I keep them in my bag, and put them on or take them off to suit the location. And I have my flats, of course.” And while she loves the liberation that her new venture provides, she values the experience she’s had while working in banking. “I learned rigid management disciplines that are now allowing me to achieve tasks effectively in my startup,” she says. “I’ve learnt that no experience is useless. Any work you’re doing will enrich you even if you doubt why you are there at that point in time.” Denise says that things are busy for her right now, but she hopes to be able to manage her time better. “I want to be a good businesswoman, a good wife, a good friend, a good daughter, and a good sibling. It’s part of my big ambitions.” At the end of the day, Denise says the most important thing is to be yourself. “The world is big; it keeps changing, and a lifetime is long enough. You will find your place.”

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