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Pierre Cardin

I used to work with social services and soft skills training.
My interest lies in personal development. I started to develop an interest in leadership training and effective communication facilitation throughout my years as a National Police Cadet Corps instructor when I was younger, and when I worked in companies that did soft skills training previously.

Tell us something interesting about yourself.
I can speak five languages—English, Malay, and a bit of Mandarin, Korean and French, which I’m not very fluent in. I picked up Mandarin and Korean from watching dramas, though I took Chinese classes in secondary school too. I also took modules to learn French in university.

If you had all the time in the world to do anything, what would it be and why?
I’d like to learn more about the concept of body language and micro-expressions. For example, when people are talking, I like to observe the way they stand and talk, and during my soft skills training, I’d also teach my participants how to walk and speak properly to exude confidence.

I like to read self-help books.
One that I’d recommend is The Charisma Myth by Oliver Fox Cabane. It’s about how people might be more attracted to certain modes of talk and behaviours.

Best decision ever:
To study in the State University of New York at SIM Global. I had a horrible experience when I was in junior college—that was the period of time where I felt like I was in a depressive state and didn’t care about anything, be it studies or being sociable. My A-Level results were horrible and I couldn’t get into a local university, but I felt like that was a blessing in disguise because I loved the American education system and I think I would’ve suffered if I went to a local university.

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