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Do you have a guilty pleasure you can’t live without?
Definitely can’t live without music! It sure makes my days pass faster and helps in swinging my mood for the better on one of those bad days.

What’s one regret you have about your past?
I really wish I had taken my naps more seriously when I was five (laughs).  There’s barely any time to do that as an adult! On a serious note, there are thoughts of should have, could have, and would have, but I definitely wouldn’t change anything at all, because all the lessons in life have brought and shaped me to what and who I have become now.

If you suddenly came into possession of a million dollars, how would you spend it?
The first thing I would definitely do is to quit my job. Travel around the world, visit a third world country, and provide necessities for the less fortunate.

What’s one show that has left an impact on your life?
Gilmore Girls is an amazing show about a mother and daughter who share a beautiful bond. The show reminds you of the real things you wish for in life. If I ever had a kid one day, I’d want our relationship to work in the same way as the duo.

Apart from your parents, who’s been the biggest source of inspiration in your life?
My late boss: the hardships he faced in working his way up in life to becoming a director is always inspiring, despite the fact that the only gadget he’s actually good at is his calculator.

Describe your ideal holiday to us.
Waking up to the sound of waves and the view of the clear blue ocean. Wherever there is sand, sun, and sea sounds like an ideal holiday to me.

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