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Tell us more about where you’re from and what brings you to Singapore. What do you miss about home?
I’m currently working in Singapore, but I’m originally from Inner Mongolia and I really miss my parents back home. It’s been three years since my last visit so I’m making plans to return soon. For the time being, we’ve been connecting frequently through video calls.

What do you love most about Singapore?
I feel very safe and comfortable here. More importantly, the food is great! There’s such a wide variety of food to try here with very unique styles.

Some of my favourite cafés are Merci Marcel and Café & Bar Gavroche—they’re both really good! As for Chinese food, an easy choice is the popular Hai Di Lao.

Is this your first time experiencing Singapore Art Week?
I usually explore events with my fianceé Juliet, but we weren’t really in the loop about Singapore Art Week previously, so yes, 2023 is our first time visiting Art Week. Since we normally like to visit galleries and private exhibitions, we decided to give it a go.

We were uncertain about where to begin since there were quite a number of locations, so we chose to start off at Singapore Art Museum, which is closest to where we stay in Singapore.

What do you admire most about your partner?
I’ve been with Juliet for three years now and I’m still amazed by her incredible determination. When she sets her mind on something, she does ample research, calculates if it’s worth pursuing, then makes a decision and sees it through to the end.

Apart from consuming art, what are your favourite things to do as a couple?
We like to look for fun activities to participate in around the country, or simply catch a movie.

Recently, we’ve been catching up on season two of the Netflix series, Alice in Borderland, which is quite good.

You’re both dressed in matching outfits, was that planned?
We don’t intentionally match outfits, it just happens (laughs).

We do like to take photos together pretty often; I like to call myself her personal tripod.

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