Super (Sports)man





Oliver Peoples


Ralph Lauren

We did a double take when we spotted Ryan – isn’t that Clark Kent, aka Superman? Laughing, he played along when we asked what super power he would like. “Don’t need it, I acquired one when I was younger,” he dead panned. Dressed simply but smartly in a fresh, spearmint-striped shirt and charcoal jeans, with those signature glasses, Ryan’s tall, lanky frame belies much time spent doing sports. An self-confessed ex-tennis and football fanatic, he now plays golf instead – “I realised my bones, ligaments and tendons aged faster than my face.” In his free time, he indulges in playing FIFA 2014 or a spot of good cinema. “I like films with deep symbolism within the context, like ‘Requiem for a Dream’. There was a great deal of visual effects and clever editing techniques to amplify different scenes.”

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