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Tell us more about your job, was this something you’ve always wanted to do?
I work in the Programmes Department at Singapore International Foundation, a non-profit organisation that aims to strengthen ties between global communities. My role involves driving the young social entrepreneurs programme, where we gather youths in Asia to participate in capacity-building workshops, networking sessions, and opportunities to learn about Singapore.

I’ve only been in this job for close to a year—I was previously working in the National Gallery’s Collections Development team. Since I graduated from LASALLE with a degree in arts management, I naturally navigated towards a job at a museum. However, I wanted to explore something new and work in an organisation that uses art to do good, so when this door opened up, I figured this was the perfect opportunity for me.

In your time in this company, what’s the most memorable project you’ve worked on?
I would say the ASEAN Youth Fellowship that had an overseas component in Jakarta. It was my first work trip abroad, so it was a good experience overall. What’s more, my team is made up of individuals who are all around my age, and we get along really well together—it’s like working with friends!

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Outside of work, I like going for exhibitions and watching plays.

To be completely honest, I haven’t been checking out exhibitions lately because during the weekends all I want to do is sleep (laughs). The last exhibition I visited was probably the Singapore Biennale named Natasha, at the Temasek Shophouse.

Apart from that, I also enjoy sewing here and there, but likewise my sewing machine hasn’t been touched recently.

Is there anything you’re working towards this year?
After attending a corporate course on the seven habits of highly effective people, I’ve come to realise that it’s very important to work on ourselves first before anything else, so this year, I’m hoping to prioritise personal growth, my wants and needs, and doing things that interest me.

Let’s hope I can stick with this goal!

What does self-care look like to you?
For me, it’d be making time to workout and being conscious about what I eat since I’ve been falling sick quite a bit lately. Well, the Starbucks I’m sipping on is clearly not a great example (laughs).

Additionally, I want to sign up for more classes and get crafty again.

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