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What do you do during your free time?
I usually take my dog, Mickel, out for walks, and I do small DIY projects like making necklaces using polymer clay beads. I also do watercolour painting. I like art but I’m not a very artistic person. I try! (laughs)

Tell us something interesting about yourself.
I dance a lot when I drink! A good place for cheap beers is Five at Chevron House. Also I’m always in that Friday mood—the TGIF playlist is always playing on my Spotify, and Friday nights are my favourite.

If you could be an alcoholic beverage, what would it be and why?
Beer, because it’s easy to drink and I’m a person who is easy to get along with!

The best decision I’ve ever made:
Going to Korea on an exchange with my friends during university, when it was just the beginning of the K-pop craze. It was a good experience to live away from my family for a bit. Having my friends as roomies was great, and I miss Korea. I go there every year now, to shop and top up on skincare products.

Any skincare tips to share?
People usually don’t do a daily facial massage, but I do a light facial massage every morning. It gets me fresh and ready for the day.

What do you usually eat in this area?
We’re heading for beef noodles at China Square. The food can be quite expensive in this area! There’s a salad bar in One Raffles Place called Ice Queen; they have quite a few options like Thai basil and quinoa.

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