The Constant Charmer






The first time we met Alexis (here), we were absolutely charmed by her kooky personality and offbeat style. Our second encounter was no less enchanting – we like how her lace T-shirt provided a feminine juxtaposition against her baggy pants and moccasins. Her vintage pastel jacket sealed the deal for us. Alexis is trying to pick up drums but admits to having scheduling issues. “I’ve also been aggressively flirting with the idea of going back to fencing – something I haven’t done since junior college – but it’s all the way in Ubi!” laments the North-dwelling lass. In the meantime, she’s been hitting the gym. “I thought I’d give the whole beat-your-body-into-submission thing a shot before I crumble under the weight of my excuses. The high intensity interval training classes are amazing!”

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