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Can you tell us a bit about where you’re from, and how you’re liking Singapore so far?
I just relocated from Hong Kong to Singapore last year, so yeah, I’m still quite new to Singapore. Singapore has been treating me well though. It’s just been quite difficult getting adapted to the humidity. I mean, Hong Kong is humid, but it’s whole new level in Singapore (laughs).

Have you gotten the chance to explore Singapore?
Not as much as I would like, to be honest. Because I work and stay in the city centre, most of my time is spent here. I have tried a few hiking trails—I found it quite funny when people first asked me out for a hike, because I didn’t expect to be able to hike in Singapore, given the very flat landscape (laughs). But the trails were pretty relaxing. I also like visiting cafés and bars, but when it’s sunny I like going to the beaches in Sentosa. I’m quite tanned, so I want to maintain that skin tone.

Is there anything in particular that you’ve been wanting to do, or place that you’ve been meaning to visit in Singapore?
I would say maybe bungee jumping in Sentosa (laughs). In Hong Kong I don’t think we could do something like that, and I love the feeling of adrenaline! I haven’t gone to Universal Studios, but that is on my bucket list too. I just need some company to do that with me, because most of my friends are of scared of doing such adventurous activities.

What is it like living away from your family in a foreign country?
I enjoy having more personal space and privacy. I’m 26 this year, but I feel like my adulthood only truly began last year when I moved to Singapore. Paying rent and bills, and taking good care of myself is only the starter pack to being an adult. The advanced phase is probably when I start becoming a “parent” to my parents. But the distance also brings us closer, which is nice.

What do you miss most about Hong Kong?
I miss my two cats—they’re father and son. I also miss the landscape and street food in Hong Kong, especially fish meat siew mai with chilli sauce! Unfortunately, I can’t find any in Singapore. My friend from Hong Kong and I tried making it once, but it’s still far from authentic (laughs).

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