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My “useless” talent:
I like thrift shopping, especially when I’m overseas—I can find a lot of vintage watches and accessories that normal stores don’t offer. One of my best thrifting experiences was at a vintage flea market in London a few years back. I like it when things are handmade out of old materials such as worn-out leather.

What’s your best buy ever?
A vintage bracelet with a Victorian-era-inspired design. That’s something you can’t find in Singapore.

What do you like to do during your weekends?
I’ll usually go shopping, and because I love The Tinsel Rack, I’ll go to the shop itself at Orchard Gateway to see if they have any new and upcoming designs. I’ll also go for meals with my boyfriend.

What are some of your comfort foods?
I like noodles—either u-mian with soup, or dry u-mian with lots of chilli. My boyfriend and I recently discovered very good zha jiang mian at the Food Junction in One Raffles Place.

What are some things that you can’t live without in your wardrobe?
My wardrobe is very different because my clothes are not of the same style. I have tight dresses for days when I want to dress up; vintage and bohemian-style clothing; and high-waisted and midi skirts, so it depends on the day itself. 

My favourite books:
I read thriller and horror books, and I really like Stephen King. Some of my favourites are Cell, Pet Sematary and also Cujo

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