The Long Mile



My hobbies:
I run marathons when I travel. I just came back from Mongolia. I went there to run and then I stayed a couple of days for a holiday. I’ve also been to the United States, Japan, Zurich, Australia, and London for both a holiday and to run at the same time.

When it comes to clothes, what do you look out for?
I just like anything that’s classy and simple. I think I’m more into shoes. For shoes, comfort is more important. I have too many shoes, and sometimes I don’t wear them. So I always clean up every six months and make sure that I only keep about thirty pairs. But I don’t have a lot of bags. For bags it’s quality over quantity—I like bags with a simple, structured shape.

Any dress codes you need to adhere to in banking?
We just have to look professional and smart. When it comes to tattoos, I think the industry is very open right now, and it looks more at performance than anything.

Is there a meaning behind your tattoo?
(laughs) I’m already 40-plus years old, and I had it done so many years ago. It’s more like, you know, something you do when you’re younger.

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